Castor Oil Eyebrows


A beautiful face is not complete without carefully-shaped eyebrows and thick, full eyelashes. Thin eyebrows and eyelashes are often a sign of aging, poor diet or overuse of eye products. They can also be hereditary. Although curlers, mascaras, false lashes and eyebrow pencils can easily mask your eyebrow and eyelash problems, the fact remains that these quick fixes are only temporary. They do not solve the underlying problem of unhealthy eyebrow and eyelash hair.

If you want to get rid of these problems, then you should consider using castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes. Castor oil eyebrows translate to full, healthy eyebrows that you can shape according to your personal preference. The good news is that it is pretty easy to achieve castor oil eyebrows and completely refresh your look. First, however, you should first learn exactly what it is that makes castor oil beneficial for hair care in general.

Hair Care Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is derived from the seeds or beans of the castor plant. The oil is a pale yellow or colorless liquid with a mild or sometimes non-existent odor. Castor oil is has many uses, but among the most popular are for hair care and skincare improvement.

Jamaican Black castor oil, in particular, is very popular with people who want to take advantage of the hair benefits of castor oil. Its name comes from its color. Instead of having a pale yellow color like regular castor oil, Jamaican Black castor oil is dark because the ashes that are by-products of the production process are included in the final product. Jamaican Black castor oil retains most of its nutritive qualities and is effective for hair growth not just on the head, but also the eyebrows and eyelashes. Castor oil eyebrows are often achieved using Jamaican Black castor oil.

Castor Oil for Eyebrows

castor oil eyebrows-before and afterThe use of Jamaican Black castor oil on the eyebrows is highly recommended for people who have sparse, or over-plucked eyebrows. Many women have over-plucked or shaved their eyebrows, only to find they never grew back to the way they were before. This can be a source of embarrassment and many women try to mask their thin eyebrows using pencils and powders. Although this is a quick fix, it’s time consuming to have to do this every day.

By applying castor oil, you can easily have castor oil eyebrows that look fuller and thicker. Castor oil stimulates hair growth on the eyebrows, even if they have been plucked or waxed before. To have castor oil eyebrows, simply apply castor oil to your eyebrows every night using a Q-tip.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes

If you like the sound of castor oil eyebrows, you might decide to also try castor oil eyelashes. Eyelashes are very prone to breakage, and using heavy cosmetics every day might leave you with brittle, thinning lashes.

Using castor oil will help give you thicker, stronger eyelashes that do not break as easily. Castor oil can make your lashes grow fuller and longer. This is perfect for people with short or thin lashes, and even those who have very few lashes. Many people have testified to the positive effects of castor oil for eyelashes.

How to Use Castor Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Using castor oil for your eyebrows and eyelashes is very straightforward.. Here are step-by-step instructions to help you achieve beautiful castor oil eyebrows:

  1. Wash your face with warm water and cleanser. Make sure to include the eyebrows.
  2. Pat over the eyebrows with toner or water to remove excess oils.
  3. Take a Q-tip and dip it into castor oil. Tap off any excess oil. If you do not have a Q-tip, you can use a cotton swab or thin-tipped makeup brush.
  4. Apply the Q-tip straight to the eyebrows. Make sure you follow the direction of hair growth.
  5. Remove excess oil from the eyebrows using the clean end of the Q-tip.
  6. You may also massage a drop of glycerin on each eyebrow to boost the effectiveness of the castor oil.
  7. Leave the castor oil on overnight, then wash your face as usual in the morning.
  8. Repeat this process every night before going to bed to get beautiful castor oil eyebrows.

Now that you are on your way to castor oil eyebrows, you might also wish to improve the appearance of your eyelashes. Here’s how you can do just that:

  1. Cleanse the face and eye area with warm water and cleanser. Pat your face dry.
  2. Take an old yet thoroughly cleaned mascara wand and dip it into the castor oil bottle. Tap off any excess oil.
  3. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, coat your eyelashes from root to tip. Work your way along the eye until all your lashes are coated. Repeat this procedure for the other eye.
  4. Take a Q-tip and run it under the eye area to remove any excess castor oil.
  5. Leave the castor oil on overnight, and then wash your face as usual in the morning.
  6. Repeat this process every night before going to bed.

Achieving beautiful castor oil eyebrows and eyelashes is very easy, but you do need to make sure you stick to the daily routine for the best results. You should start to see results within six weeks of starting your castor oil brow and lash regime.


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